Passion for People

As Traveling Tradesmen has evolved, the diversity of talent and individuals participating on the trips has presented exciting opportunities to expand the work to include direct ministry.  In our current work with CCA in Alajuelita, Costa Rica, this means the opportunity to work with the women and men at the two rehab centers, the seniors at the senior center, and children who attend the children’s feeding center.  Our goal is to engage in activities that foster relationships between our team and the people of CCA.  We hope to bring a sense of purpose to our work and to provide needed services to support the work of CCA building bridges and connecting with people.

Planned activities and opportunities for service will be provided in conjunction with the days the building team is on the job site.  Craft classes, recreation activities, sharing of individual talents, tutorial work, and day trips are just some of the options available.  Anyone who has a passion for serving others or making meaningful connections with people is encouraged to consider taking part in this new phase of the Traveling Tradesmen outreach.  If you would like more information or have any ideas or talents to share, please contact:

email Colleen Welsh at (603) 437-1274.